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It is common that PrestaShop stores suffer from several attacks on a daily basis. Undoubtedly these attacks leave an impact on the sites as well as on the user’s SEO. Nowadays store protection has become a very serious matter. Since there is a direct impact of the security on the SEO rankings. The hackers always try to anyhow hack the stores and take all the information stored. thus the personal information is also in a danger and thus the store security becomes necessary.

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  • It has been recorded that more than half percentage of the hacked pages were preyed just because of SEO spam purposes. This is done for attempting to deface, delete or take access on the content present on a store. What hackers do actually is they try to take the administrative access of the store forcefully using several measures like SQL injections. Few major purposes of SEO spams is to steal the exclusive content of the store and the personal information
  • If the site has been targeted for attack you’re not only going to face the financial loss but also you will be subjected to a particular range of penalties from the host. The search engine quickly blacklists those sites which are found infected. Furthermore, the ranking gets effected directly from the attacks also even without being flagged. The only solution to this problem is prevention. Prevention from the hackers and the attacks can save you from being flagged and also from the strict penalties. Having poor security on the store or having lack of protection puts you in a high risk of being attacked and targeted. It never matters that how much content is there in your PrestaShop store you should protect everything that belongs to you.
  • It is very important that your customers found your store to be trustworthy. There must not be the high bounce rates on the WebPages. Also, when the notifications directly come saying that this content is not secure the customer quickly tries to leave the site. The users should have a positive feeling while accessing the content on the store. This is the main positive part of SEO.
  • Sometimes the bots crawl the stores for stealing the data and for checking the susceptibility. No matter if the attempt of the bots is not so beneficial they will start strangling with the web traffic due to which the server has to check the serving pages in response. A very good examples are error 404 and error 503. These errors appear on the screen when the search engine tries to crawl the pages but servers affirm that those are missing.
  • To earn the maximum search rankings the store has to build up a mindset that there is a need to satisfy the users but not the search engine. The users must be always presented with relevant and authorized content. It is most necessary to deliver safe and secure content to the customers. If the store will be unsecured it will obviously a big issue for SEO.
  • In many of the cases, the hackers take advantage of the access using a forceful SQL injection. Once the reputation of the stores is spoiled it can never be repaired again. They will run with spam and at the end, the final penalty is that the store is permanently blocked. 
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