Google Search Console & detection of Malware

Malware and unwanted software are either downloadable binaries or applications that run on a website and affect site visitors.

Malware is a kind of software or application which is specially designed to wreck a computer or device in which the software is running. Malware presents malicious ways that usually includes installing something without the consent of the user and installing viruses. Web-users sometimes do not recognise that the file they have downloaded is actually malware, so these binaries are received involuntarily. Unwanted software is the files or application that involves the conduct that is unexpected, negative and deceptive or type of content that affects the user’s data and searching experience. Sometimes these apps leak the private data and personal information of the user. To deal with these issues Google itself monitors the websites on the web that are unsafe for users of Google.

Google has now added a tab as ‘Security Issues’ in Search Console that will report site hacks, malware and other harmful activities.

With the help of this tab, the user will get notified by the Search Console whenever anything on the site he is surfing gets hit by anything like that.

A warning get prompts on the display to warn the user.

This warning gets prompt in the following cases:

1. Deceptive links got clicked

2. Hacked pages on display

3. Dangerous downloads

4. Links to harmful pages

5. Unsure mobile billing

6. Deceptive and embedded sources

7. Malware

Google Search Console evaluates the site you search continuously and keeps a track on signs and behaviour of the searches that could possibly harm both visitors and computers. Google aims to make sure that its users are shielded from hacking or suspicious or unsafe websites.

‘Malware” is a shortening of the word “malicious software and it is has been created to steal data and do other damaging things. The varieties of malware that you may know are as follows Viruses, Ransomware Trojans, Spyware and Adware etc.

Common causes of malware on your site include:

  • Outdated software or plugins
  • Passwords that are stolen
  • Insecure content
  • Ads by some fraudulent network
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What does the Search console does after facing the Malware?

  • Search Console provides information on fixing the specific issues.
  • If the issues are solved, the user can put a review for Google’s team.
  • If no issues are there, the tab will show a message as “No issues detected” along with a checkmark green in colour.
  • One can find the tab getting logged into Search Console and reaching to Security & Manual Actions and then Security Issues.

How to Remove Malware From Your Site

1. There is a link on the malware message in Search Console Show Detail, click on it and download that data.

2. Reach your web page developer immediately to inform him of the problem and send him all the information you downloaded.

3. Urge them to see into the problem urgently and tell them to remove any ill content from the site. 

4. Examine your PC with antivirus – making changes by a virus-infected PC can harm your website

5. Update website, plugins, PC everything.

6. Change all the passwords related to the website.

7. Act with your technical team to make sure that your site dont get affected by any malware again.



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